There are many different oral conditions an individual can experience due to different reasons. One of the most serious ones that should be treated immediately is periodontal disease. You need to take care of this problem as soon as possible because it can lead to more severe complications nobody is willing to experience. Fortunately, there are a number of obvious symptoms you can detect, which help you visit a professional before it gets too late. In our dental clinic, Maral Dental Clinic, our experts are willing to help as they are professionals in this field and know what the best way to test each condition is. First of all, it’s crucial to understand what the main cause of this issue is. The underlying cause helps dentists to create a suitable treatment plan which will be perfectly effective. Some things, like poor oral hygiene, can lead to bacteria accumulation, which is the main cause of plaque. As our periodontists in Scarborough say, considered the most important thing when periodontal disease happens. So, what can you do to preserve your smile? Keep reading this blog to understand what habits can improve the likelihood of periodontal disease and what the main causes are.

Smoking: As far as research shows, smoking tobacco is one of the leading causes of a wide range of dental emergencies, including gum problems. It interferes with the normal performance of gum tissue cells and makes them significantly vulnerable to infection and abscesses. On such occasions, you can visit our experienced emergency dentists in Scarborough for more information and to understand what you should do.

Tooth Misalignment: Although it’s not that much related, crooked teeth can lead to periodontal disease. Orthodontic services are so popular worldwide, and many people visit these professionals because they care about their looks. However, most don’t know how these procedures can protect their oral health and prevent such issues. Fortunately, our pediatric dentists in Scarborough examine a child’s mouth and recommend orthodontics if needed because their treatments are more effective at a young age.

Meds: Some specific types of medication can lead to periodontal disease. If they are prescribed by an experienced dentist or oral surgeon, the risk of this problem will be significantly reduced. For instance, our Scarborough oral surgeons always prescribe suitable medications to patients who have undergone surgery to eliminate their pain. These types of meds don’t bring such problems, but a few of them can lead to dampening saliva production and make your mouth dry.

Plaque: As mentioned, it’s the main cause of periodontal disease and can put your oral health in a very big danger. It also causes cavities and endodontic infection, which force you to receive complicated procedures. Our experienced dentists provide such services as root canal therapy in Scarborough to preserve your smile. Periodontal disease is another complication of untested plaque, which can ruin your smile. That’s why regular dental checkups are crucial.

Try to follow all the effective hygiene tips your dentist explains to you. In this way, there is less chance to face such issues, and you can protect your oral hygiene in a more effective way. Visit our dentists for more information!