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Affordable Dental Implant Services in Scarborough

Maral Dental Clinic is proud to offer top-notch dental implants in Scarborough and the surrounding area. Here, we are always ready to provide you with a superior level of dental implant surgery in Scarborough. Call right now to make an appointment and receive quality, affordable dental implants in Scarborough.

Finding Highly-Experienced Dental Implant Specialist in Scarborough

You can always count on our Scarborough dental implant team whenever you decide to transform your smile’s physical appearance positively. Don’t hesitate to visit us at Maral Dental Clinic if you need other cosmetic dental procedures like professional teeth whitening, dental crowns, dentures, or dental veneers to have the most beautiful smile you always wanted.

The Necessity of Replacing Lost Teeth with Dental Implants

Nowadays, most patients with one or multiple missing teeth prefer to solve their conditions through dental implants because it is considered one of the revolutionary advancements in the world of dentistry. Below, we provide some precious benefits of dental implants for those who need more reason to go for it:

Dental Implants are a Solution for a Long Time

Dental implants are a good way for those who prefer to replace their lost teeth permanently. This is because the implant post is inserted into the patient's jawbone.

The Success Rate of Implant Surgery is High

As our Scarborough dental implant expert admits, a dental implant is the most successful restorative dentistry option to replace missing teeth effectively.

Dental Implants Don't Require Diet Restrictions

Right after the completion of dental implant surgery, you can immediately return to your routine diet because implanted teeth function as same as your natural teeth.

FAQs about Dental Implants Provided by Our Skilled Dental Professionals

Although dental implant falls in the safe and successful restorative dentistry procedures category, people prefer to ask numerous questions to be well-informed about this treatment before undergoing it. The most common questions our patients ask before dental implant surgery are as follows:

Absolutely no. You won’t experience any pain or discomfort during the dental implant process because the interior parts of your mouth are numbed using local anesthesia before the surgery. However, it is normal to experience minor pain and bleeding right after the anesthesia wears off. Our experienced & dedicated dental implant expert at Maral Dental Clinic will prescribe painkillers like acetaminophen to help you manage your conditions during recovery.

Once you enter a well-reputed dental clinic like Maral Dental Clinic, an initial dental examination is provided to evaluate your mouth conditions and determine if you are a suitable case for dental implant surgery.


preparing the Surgical Site

those with healthy and strong jawbones are appropriate cases to undergo implant surgery. At the same time, others may need other surgical treatments called bone grafting to strengthen their jawbone to support the implant post. Some other cases may need surgical extraction to remove severely infected teeth before the beginning of dental implant process.


Placing an Implant Fixture

Those oral surgeons qualified to provide dental implants are professionally equipped with top-of-the-line dentistry instruments and the highest quality materials to place a titanium implant post into the patient’s jawbone and preserve the role of tooth roots.


Covering the Implant with a Protective Crown

Once the healing time passes and the implant post is properly fused with your bone, it’s time to make the last appointment and let your dental practitioners complete your treatment by placing a crown over the implant post. At Maral Dental Clinic, we strive to accurately take all steps to provide you with the best possible detailed implant in Scarborough.

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