If you think there is no time limit to replace one or more lost teeth, you are completely wrong. It’s one of the most traumatic incidents that an individual can experience as it negatively impacts your oral wellness. Moreover, it makes your smile not as beautiful as before especially if you have lost one or more teeth in the front. Many think aesthetic issues are the only complications and aren’t aware of how missing teeth can bring more awful consequences. You can visit our specialists at Maral Dental Clinic for better explanations and to understand why these services are needed as soon as you miss a tooth. As a matter of fact, the longer you wait to receive replacement services, the more complicated and expensive it becomes to address this condition. Our emergency dentist in Scarborough provides all patients with different options to fix this problem, such as implants, but still, many may avoid these beneficial procedures since they don’t understand how critical they are. Keep reading today’s blog to comprehend why ignoring missing teeth is dangerous and what complications it can bring.

Bone Volume Loss

The longer you wait to replace lost teeth, the more jawbone density you lose, which is a threatening condition. Bones are similar to muscles and will begin to atrophy when you don’t use them. That’s exactly what happens when you lose a tooth, and your jawbone starts to deteriorate when there is nothing to activate the underneath bone. It’s also recommended to take very good care of your jawbone since childhood. As our Scarborough pediatric dentists explain, healthy jawbone density is related to how you maintain your oral wellness in your childhood.


If you delay receiving proper services, more complicated and costly procedures will be required. For instance, missing teeth increases the risk of gum disease, and you need to undergo proper treatments to restore your gum’s health before replacing those teeth. You should visit our experienced periodontists in Scarborough for more information. All these conditions require additional money, time, and effort, which can be prevented if you don’t postpone visiting a professional.

Shifted Teeth

Shifting teeth usually happens in two different conditions. First, when your teeth become overcrowded due to incidents like wisdom teeth growth, in such cases, you can visit our professionals for wisdom tooth extraction in Scarborough to prevent this problem. Second, your teeth may be gapped as you lose one or more teeth. As a natural response, your other teeth begin to fill those spaces, which leads to tooth misalignment. It’s very important to replace them with a proper option based on your needs if you want to keep your teeth aligned.


As mentioned, this problem severely affects your smile appearance and makes it less attractive. Your smile isn’t complete without all your teeth, and even morals impact your smile look even though they aren’t as obvious as front teeth. You can visit our Scarborough cosmetic specialists for more information about this case.

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