Many oral conditions can be treated with the professional help of an oral surgeon. Although the term surgery seems so scary for many patients, it can be unavailable in some cases. Your oral health is significantly important, and you should take good care of it in order to always keep your smile brilliant. However, oral problems are always possible to occur at different levels. On these occasions, you have to seek the most fitting treatment plan tailored to your needs and condition. You can visit our experts at Maral Dental Clinic to receive the most suitable treatment plans after having your condition carefully examined by professionals. As mentioned, surgery is needed to treat a range of specific oral health issues. Generally, maxillofacial and oral surgeons can maintain a patient’s neck, head, mouth, teeth, and face using advanced levels of procedures. Due to their high education and expertise, they are able to provide the highest standards of care to preserve one’s smile. The best thing you can do is a consultation of an experienced emergency surgeon to understand what services they offer. But it’s recommended to read our blog before making your first appointment to make your visit more useful! You can call our emergency dentist in Scarborough for any more question.

Loose Tooth:

Sometimes, you may miss a tooth due to problems like extensive decay, disease, or simple neglect. In these cases, replacing your missing tooth is the most necessary thing you should do to prevent further complications. Otherwise, you will face more severe oral health issues and put your health in great danger. Oral surgeons can provide many different tooth replacement options, including titanium implants as the most important one. They insert these titanium posts into your jawbone surgically to make them feel like your real teeth. We provide affordable dental implants in Scarborough. Call us for more information.

 Facial Trauma:

Sports injuries, car accidents, and other unexpected incidents can cause you severe facial trauma. No matter the cause, oral surgeons can perfectly repair any damage using proper restorative methods according to your needs. Tooth loss, jawbone damage, facial lacerations, etc., are all severe facial traumas an oral surgeon can perfectly manage.

Periodontal Disease:

Some cases of gum disease can make your gums recede badly if left untreated. In such conditions, you can visit our Scarborough periodontists to receive the highest quality of services and restore your healthy smile. If you are lucky enough, a simple treatment plan can restore the shine of your smile. Otherwise, you have oral surgery as the last option available to have your healthy mouth back.

Wisdom Teeth:

Oral surgery may be required when you have your wisdom teeth erupted. These third molars usually grow during your teenage or early adult period and bring a lot of pain and discomfort. Moreover, their extraction process isn’t as straightforward as other natural teeth and should be done surgically. Otherwise, it can make your teeth misaligned, cause infection, stain your teeth, and so on.

Bone Graft:

If you lack jawbone density, you have to visit an experienced oral surgeon. It even becomes more important when you want to replace your missing teeth with partial dentures or implants.

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